Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bridal Show Madness! :)

What do get when you take 600 vendors, put them in a giant, echoey hall along with a thousand or so brides? Bridal Show Madness. :) But a good madness, a fun, frantic, overwhelming madness. But what fun right? All those cake samples and catering samples (Red, White and Brew tortures me each year with yumminess wafting in my direction), free stuff....it truly is a one-stop-shop for your bridal needs.

We love the Bridal Fashion debut and take part in the January two-day show and the June one-day show each year. It's a great opportunity to meet a lot of brides and show off some of my funkier style. For example, this fairly traditional bouquet--except of course for the artichoke and closed, not full blown giant peonies. I think they add fun texture that way.

This year I decided to go for a seasonal, summer theme.

Picnic Anyone?

What else is a barbecue grill for? I personally think each and every one should be filled with blue hydrangea and sunflowers! This was probably my favorite piece.

I also incorporated a few recycled and inexpensive pieces to show ways you can still beautify your reception in today's economy. These Mason jar pieces were a big hit and so simple and so inexpensive--a lot of color and texture for your table without a lot of cash! The recycled pop bottles offer a similar effect.

I think it was a big hit and thank you so much to all the brides, moms, fiances, babies, friends, and fellow vendors for stopping by to say "hello."

See you in January!