Monday, April 20, 2009

When there is no "we" in Wedding!

I love the Simpsons. When I watched the recent wedding episode I was rolling on the floor.

As a wedding florist the scene with "there are no blue roses!" made me shed a tear. This is wedding comedy at its best.

But as funny as it is, it does have an underlying theme: keep your inner Bridezilla in check! Your fiance will appreciate it. 

I've held consultations where grooms stare into space, no doubt reliving a hilarious episode of the Simpsons! I've also met some very hands on and opinionated grooms.

This usuallly results with the bride-to-be giving her fiance"the look" when he protests the giant pink flower pinned to his lapel. 

If your fiance wants to be involved you should encourage this behavior. It's not just your wedding no matter what wedding industry experts say. After the big party there is a marriage with compromise and challenges. 

With all the talk of making marriage a partnership shouldn't you make the wedding one too?

With all the pressure and stress of planning, wouldn't it be nice to have a person to discuss your wedding stress with, rather than someone who ducks and covers every time the "W" word reaches your lips?

Ask your fiance for help before you boil over. 

If you don't know how to get him involved, this article can help. and the offers advise from real grooms dealing with planning stress and Bridezillas. 

I am a firm believer that most Bridezillas were once normal, sweet girls and will probably return to their normal selves once the wedding is over. So hang in there guys and remember "We" is the first part of "Wedding."

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Love in Black and White

Black and white or some deviation is a hot color scheme here in the valley. Hot pink and black, red and black, you name it, we've worked with.

Normally the go-to flower is in the shade other than black. 

But there are a few flowers which bring this color to life.

You can use white gerbera daisies (or any colored gerbera daisies) with dark centers.

I used these in a weekend wedding with bright, hot colors and black accents.

I also used them in a black, silver and baby blue scheme.

My favorite though is the anemone. It's delicate, feminine and its deep navy center photographs black.

They are seasonal however and work best when there's the slightest "nip"  in the air. Let's be honest, how many of those days do we have here in the valley? ;)

This weekend was perfect anemone weather with the rain and the chilly temps.

Lauren's bouquet was a simple calla bouquet. We brought the anemones into the bridesmaid's simple hydrangea bouquet.

We also swirled white calla lilies in the centerpieces with black rocks. A simple, modern and clean touch.

So if you're using a black and white or black and red or even black and lime green, there are options in the flower world.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I've Been Blogged...Again! :)

I really appreciate it when people admire my work. When it's someone from out-of-state that's great too.

There are a lot of designers in this great country of ours and to be appreciated by another wedding professional and bride-to-be- well, it just makes me smile. 

And the title "Not Your Typical Bouquet" that should be my new slogan. Why didn't I think of that? ;)

So thank you Kelly for your kind words, I am so glad you like my work. It's also fun to see my work laid out in one spot. I forget some of my centerpieces and things and it's a fun way to remember! :)

It's an awesome blog and I am honored to be part of it!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Vendor Shout Out: Sugarlips Cakery

In the wedding industry, cakes and flowers go hand-in-hand. I've distributed flowers to bakers all over the valley, I've put flowers on cakes a million times. I've seen amazing cakes, ok cakes and kind-of-scary cakes. I rarely however get to taste the cake. So no matter how beautiful it is on the outside, it may taste just like generic, every-day wedding cake.

I can now say, with experience, that is not the case with Sugarlips Cakery. A lot of my brides have been buzzing about them. I've worked with them a couple of times. So I decided they were the bakery to call for my daughter Rhiannon's third birthday.

I thought I would make her cake myself. I have for the last two years. Simple, Duncan Heinz with packaged frosting. They looked every inch the home made treats they were. And for some reason I had lots left over!

This year I hired Sugarlips to take on the Tinkerbell-themed cake and cupcakes.

Here's what we received:

It was strawberry with vanilla filling. It was very yummy and I didn't have a single slice left over!

The piping and decoration was impeccable and the keepsake Tinkerbell topper was super cute. I loved that the cupcakes coordinated with the whole thing.

As for the birthday girl? Well, see for yourself!

Rhiannon had a wonderful birthday and I have to thank Sugarlips for their part in her big-day!