Sunday, November 16, 2008

Falling in Love

Wedding Date: October 18, 2008
Venue: Gold Canyon Golf Club
Theme: Fall colors, rustic, desert touches

I loved this wedding for a number of reasons. To start, I found gigantic succulents which worked well with the bride's Arizona-themed wedding (for favors, they gave out small, planted cactus!). I also used hanging succulents in the chair accents, a new one for me.

I also loved the rich color scheme. The red sunflowers popped against the sage succulents and overall it was a great combination of fall flowers in a beautiful setting.

The bouquets consisted of red sunflowers, deep red dahlias, terracotta and leondias roses, succulents and rustic greenery. The bride's bouquet was accented by chocolate fiddlehead fern shoots.

I was able to use tiny succulents for the boutonniere and corsage work.

The Boutonnieres 

The Corsages

A guest book table treated the guest to "wishing rocks." Each guest signed a wish on a river rock using a paint pen and dropped it in the bowl. I thought this was a stupendous idea and worked so great with the whole theme.

We added some color with a tall arrangement featuring succulents, red sunflowers, dahlias and roses. This sat atop a vase lined with moss and another large succulent.

The ceremony site was nestled at the base of the Superstitions and was gorgeous! We accented her aisles with a small bouquet of red sunflowers, dahlias, succulents and cymbidium orchids. There were trailing succulents to add more desert flair.

Plus, succulents are sustainable and can be re-planted after the wedding!

Plum Perfect

Wedding Date: October 18, 2008
Venue: Red Mountain Ranch
Theme: Plum and Green, Natural and Rustic.

I love purple and green together. I myself used lavender and sage in my wedding five years ago. Purple has always been my favorite. I love working with and I love the modern combination of deep plum and chartreuse green!

The bride wanted a natural, rustic feel to her bouquets. She loved the idea of using succulents (and to those familiar with my work, so do I! :) ) and even made some of her own candle holders using mason jars and green split peas.

I used sage green hydrangea as a base and added touches of bright green with cymbidium orchids. As an accent she also used deep wine. I used dahlias for this. For her plum we used deep purple calla lilies.

Each bouquet was accented by a variety of lavender and sage succulents.

Close-Up of the Bride's Bouquet

Each bouquet was accented by a variety of lavender and sage succulents. The bridesmaids carried small, modern bouquets of purple calla lilies, green dendrobium orchids, a succulent and cymbidium orchids. Each bouquet also had a small touch of birch for texture.

The Bridesmaid Bouquets

The overall effect was a mix of modern and traditional. A great mix between the greens and plums.

The Bouquets

To match the rustic desert theme we used birch branches in tall, footed vases and attached hanging votives.
The Birch Centerpieces

The overall effect was light, natural, and stunning when used on 20 tables.

A Teaser Post

Wedding Date: October 5, 2008
Venue: Firesky Resort
Theme: Black and White

I loved this wedding for a number of reasons. Black and white has become a very popular color scheme. Sure you can use white flowers everywhere, but that black contrast makes a white bouquet something special.

To bring out the darker side of the color scheme we used deep purple/black calla lilies and white calla lilies. The bride carried "black" callas and the girls' carried white. 

The Bouquets

The bouquets were also accented by funky black and white beads and surrounded by cool and unexpected black skeleton leaves in place of greenery. The bride had white beads, the girls had black.

Keeping with the theme the boutonnieres were also done in the colors.

This is just a teaser, a small sample of this fun, funky wedding. I am awaiting professional pictures of the centerpieces, ceremony decor and a cool monogram made of rose petals.

Stay tuned!

A Desert Wedding in August

In August I had the pleasure of working with a lovely couple using a clean, simple and stunning green, white and chocolate scheme. 

The bride wanted something rustic tied into her bouquet to show off some of our Native touches. I gladly rose to the challenge and mixed succulents with white dahlias (a summer favorite of mine), white calla lilies, green cymbidium orchids, seeded eucalyptus greenery and some twisty vines to finish it off.
Bride's Bouquet

I also added a mini succulent to the groom's simple calla lily boutonniere.

Groom's Boutonniere

The bridesmaids carried simpler versions of the brides bouquet. I still included succulents and twigs.
Bridesmaid Bouquet

The ceremony and reception took place at Highlands Church. I had never been there and was blown away by the modern interior and gorgeous Sanctuary.

I loved the heart-shaped candleabras which flanked the bride and groom on either side.

Candelabras at Highlands Church

Finally, the centerpieces were very simple. Rustic river rocks in cube vases topped by a floating Fuji mum. Simple, modern and very affordable.

Simple, Floating Mum Centerpieces

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Welcome to My Blog!

 FINALLY have a blog! It's time to get with the program and start posting. I hope to use this blog to show off my recent work, share some tips and tricks for your wedding flowers, my favorite trends and ideas, and just generally blog, blog, blog!

For those of you new to my blog, (and who isn't since this is my first post?) My name is Amanda Johnson. I own and operate Butterfly Petals.

I specialize in wedding and special events. I work with fresh flowers, creating everything from bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages, centerpieces, arch work, you name it, I've stuck flowers on it!

I work out of my home in Gilbert Arizona. I have a nifty shop which used to be our third car garage.

My work is eclectic and very rustic and natural. "Well duh, all flowers are natural Amanda!" What I mean is that I love to work with other non-floral elements. Twigs, rocks, moss, succulent cactus. I've even put artichokes in a bouquet or two. When left to my own devices my work is fanciful, a bit woodland, very green and rich with elements found in a forest. 

Succulents Nestled in a Bouquet

Of course I do traditional work as well. I love all wedding work so I really don't mind traditional.

However, I absolutely love it when I find a bride willing to go out on a limb and try something just a bit creative. I guess I just customize my work to suit your needs. If you're traditional, wonderful, funky, great! 

The Flower Cake

You can find my work on my site:

For now, enjoy. I hope to blog with you more soon!